Samsung brings major upgrade to older Fold, Flip, and Watch models

Samsung has announced that previous Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models will receive an upgrade to One UI version 4.1.1. In addition, a (small) number of Galaxy Watch 5 features are coming to the Watch 3 and Watch 2 Active.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 One UI 4.1.1 update

One UI 4.1.1 upgrade for previous Fold and Flip phones

In fact, you could have been waiting for it – and rumors about it were already circulating. When Samsung launched the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 in August, the question quickly arose: do older Galaxy phones get an upgrade to One UI 4.1.1? A little later than usual, Samsung finally answers that question itself: yes.

The company says that all previous Fold models – from the first Fold via the Z Fold 2 to the Z Fold 3 – will receive the same cool multi-tasking functions that we now see on the Z Fold 4. This mainly concerns the new taskbar, from where you can open many apps directly in a multi-window window.

The older Folds also get the new camera app. This offers more options for using the different screens and screen positions. With the cover screen, in One UI 4.1.1. more camera options.

For the Z Flip and Z Flip 3, the upgrade to One UI 4.1.1 also brings new capabilities for the cover screen. You can do more directly with your notifications, for example.

Also an upgrade for the Watch 3 and Watch 2 Active

All that is quite predictable. More surprising is the rest of Samsung’s announcement. Not only the Galaxy Watch 4 will soon receive a major upgrade – we already knew that. But Samsung also says it will bring a handful of features from the new Watch 5 to the Watch 3 and Watch 2 Active, even if these watches do not run on the WearOS. Okay, the upgrade for these older Watch models isn’t nearly as comprehensive as it is on the Watch 4, obviously. But with new watchfaces and improved sleep analysis and snore detection, at least the models aren’t completely left behind.


The upgrade for the older Fold and Flip phones can start today in some countries, Samsung says. First comes the third generation of the foldables next – the other models will follow later.

September should also bring the first upgrade for the various Galaxy Watch watches. The older Watch 3 and Watch 2 Active won’t be available until the end of the month.

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