Apple Watch Pro cases leaked: this is what they reveal about the design

Not one, not two, but three Apple Watch models will be announced by Apple this week. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (the budget model), we expect an Apple Watch Pro. And gradually more and more is known about it.

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Apple Watch Pro case leaked

The Apple Watch Pro will be a larger and sturdier version of the Apple Watch, intended for endurance athletes and other athletes. According to Apple expert Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, this ‘explorer edition’ will also have a different design, based on the Apple Watch Series 4 from 2018. Images of cases for the Apple Watch Pro have appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo and they give a good impression. impression of what this model will look like. Apple leaker Sonny Dickson posted a photo of such a cover on Twitter.

The Pro is not exactly square but has a new form factor with quite rounded corners. Flat edges were expected with the Apple Watch Series 7 last year, but that didn’t happen then and still doesn’t seem to be the case today. There is a good chance that the screen will be bigger and flatter than that of the Series 7, for extra sturdiness.

The case also shows various cutouts. Right in front of the digital crown and side button. The cutouts on the left side where the speaker is located raise some more questions, because they are a bit larger than you might expect. The speakers may become larger, but it could also be that new physical buttons are added to that side of the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series Pro and 8 unveiled on September 7

The new Apple Watch Pro will reportedly get a larger display, allowing users to view more fitness and health data at once. There may also be exclusive dials. An earlier rumor stated that the Apple Watch Pro will receive satellite communication, in case you get into a tricky situation while exercising.

What exactly is true about the rumours? We’ll hear about that later this week: on Wednesday, September 7, there is an Apple event. The event will mainly focus on the new iPhone, but we also expect new Apple Watch models – and Apple may have even more in store for us. Sign up for our newsletter and you will stay informed of all developments.

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