Will the iPhone 14 Pro really get a bigger battery (and no SIM?)

Will the iPhone 14 Pro really get a bigger battery (and no SIM?)
Will the iPhone 14 Pro really get a bigger battery (and no SIM?)

It will take two more days before we know exactly what the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have to offer us. A fact that serves as fuel for the energy-guzzling engine of the rumor mill.

Coming at the last minute of the event Bloombergjournalist Mark Gurman with new information. In addition to the arrival of the Apple AirPods Pro 2, he also expects a larger battery for the iPhone 14 Pro and there is a chance that Apple will say goodbye to the SIM card.

iPhone 14 Pro gets bigger battery

The iPhone 14 Pro, like last year’s model, gets a physically larger battery. Mark Gurman reports this in the new edition of his Power On-newsletter. It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a message. In June this year, ShrimpApplePro also helped spread the rumor on Twitter.

If the rumors are correct, you can take into account a 3200mAh battery for the iPhone 14 Pro. The current Pro model is equipped with a 3095mAh battery. Remarkably enough, it is expected that the battery of the Pro Max will be slightly smaller. Where the current model is equipped with a 4352mAh battery, the new variant will have a 4323mAh battery.

Mark Gurman does not talk about numbers in his newsletter. The above information is from Baidu. It is not yet known whether the iPhone 14 will also have a larger battery. Gurman catches up Power On only on the Pro models.

The end of the SIM card?

Telecom companies from the United States would love it, but the question is whether Apple will go along with it. The American company is said to be focusing on eSIM technology. With this it could just say goodbye to the physical SIM card slot on the iPhone 14. Whether the company really does this remains to be seen.

Gurman does expect that if Apple does not make the choice now, the company will do so next year. There is therefore a chance that the iPhone 14 Pro will be the last device with a physical connection.

As mentioned, Gurman also spoke about the Apple AirPods Pro 2 in his newsletter. You can read more about that in the article below:

Apple will probably introduce AirPods Pro 2 this week

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