At the last minute: the rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro always-on screen

The iPhone event will take place in just a few days. There has been much speculation for months about the most striking feature of the new iPhone: the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will have a screen that is always on, so that the most relevant information is always readable. A last-minute leak makes clear what the iPhone 14 Pro always-on screen will look like in practice.

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iPhone 14 Pro always-on screen

In iOS 16, the lock screen of the iPhone is completely overhauled, and according to insiders, the innovations on the iPhone 14 with an always-on screen really come into their own. The colors, the depth effect of the backgrounds and the notifications on the screen, get just that little bit extra on the iPhone screen. And there is also something special going on with the status bar at the top of the screen. How about that? These are the specific features of the iPhone 14 Pro always-on screen!

  • Does a wallpaper have a depth effect? Then the background of it becomes completely dark. The foreground is dimmed. You see certain color accents and the edges are extra emphasized.
  • The new iOS 16 widgets are visible. They slowly fade and then light up again to prevent screen burn-in.
  • The content of the always-on display is the same as that of the active (illuminated) lock screen. So they share the same wallpaper, colors, fonts and widgets. You can set them all individually.
  • Notifications ‘roll’ in from the bottom one by one and then remain visible for ten seconds. If you wake up the screen, they will be displayed as the user has set.
  • You may be able to choose a notification counter at the bottom of the screen.
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iPhone 14 Pro always-on ground

The source from which this information comes was also responsible for a very striking rumor spread last week. The iPhone’s notch makes way for two holes in the screen – we’ve known that for a while. Since last week we know that the screen space between those two holes is shown in black, so that they merge into a pill-shaped bar. The notch is therefore very different with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), and that also has consequences for the menu bar. More space has been created on both sides of the notch. The indicator showing that you have mobile reception shifts to the left. An old style battery indicator appears on the right side of the notch, with the battery percentage in front of it.

iPhone 14 Pro larger battery

The iPhone 14 Pro battery will probably be a lot bigger, making the device slightly larger. But don’t count on a much longer battery life: the always-on screen naturally demands a lot from the battery. The always-on screen may also be the complete reason for increasing the battery.

Apple has an event on September 7 and the iPhone 14 series is expected to be announced then. The biggest changes are for the more luxurious iPhone 14 Pro (Max). In addition to a new notch and always-on screen, this will also receive a greatly improved camera.

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Source: MacRumors

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