[branded content] Ranking high in Google through smart content strategy

[branded content] Ranking high in Google through smart content strategy
[branded content] Ranking high in Google through smart content strategy

Simyo, part of KPN, is of course known as a provider of SIM-only subscriptions. However, they saw opportunities in the market to offer affordable phones in combination with a subscription. OrangeValley, the agency Simyo has been working with for years, was commissioned to shape this ambition from an SEO perspective. SEO consultants Marie-Claire Grimaldi and Remco Harmsen have been involved in this project from the start. In OrangeValley’s attractively furnished office, they talk about the special collaboration.


The basis for the SEO strategy of Simyo and OrangeValley was a keyword research (what do people search for in combination with a subscription?). It turned out that there are already many major players who have their SEO in order at brand level. Easy said; good content such as a ‘subscription’ in combination with brand names such as ‘Apple’ or ‘Samsung’ is already sufficient. It would be difficult to intervene as a new subscription provider. However, there were more strategic possibilities at the level of the types of devices (such as the iPhone12). People know Simyo from the SIM-Only subscriptions and they knock on KPN’s door for new devices with a subscription, but if you offer a subscription in combination with a slightly less recent device, there are certainly opportunities, according to the analysis. That is exactly the sweet spot that we capitalize on together with Simyo,” says Grimaldi.

Decent step

The entire project team concluded that there should be a ‘telephone shop page’ showing the range of devices in combination with the subscriptions. ,,That is of course a considerable step, explains Harmsen. “As a result, Simyo’s organization is switching to a completely new business and we had to move along with it.” In terms of SEO, it is a major job to make sufficient quality content so that Google recognizes Simyo as a provider of telephones. “The biggest challenge in that is time because you have to create that content so that you can be found.”

Fine-grained strategy

For the SEO strategy, which came about through the close collaboration between Simyo and OrangeValley, it is important to embrace that you are in a pretty busy market. So as a team you have to look carefully at how you can rank higher in Google than the competition through smart content. The starting point for creating the content was a list of the devices that Simyo was going to offer. On that basis, a strategy was developed to ensure that Simyo would achieve a Top 10 position for certain keywords, Grimaldi explains. “You take a good look at what the competition is doing in the field of such a keyword and then you start working on the search terms that should return to the page.” She says that ten thousand people search for the iPhone 12 a month and if you make good stories about that, you will get a good position – via the backlink profile. In the case of the ‘Oppo’ device, which is searched for ‘only’ 1500 times a month, it is easier to get a good position. ,,Each keyword, so every device, requires a different approach in terms of content and that is why we keep a close eye on the competition. The more competition, the better and more extensive the content must be.”

blog content

In addition to optimizing the product pages, OrangeValley also creates a lot of blog content so that people who are a bit earlier in the search process are also reached via the backlinks. ,,For example, we have the article ‘Which iPhone is right for me?’ and that story is pretty good. We hope that people will end up with the Iphone SE and buy that device. Links still play an enormous role at Google.” Simyo’s existing blogs were also examined and what options there are for linking to the product page, explains Harmsen. There are all kinds of opportunities to make the pages perform better. “For example, we are going to investigate whether we are going to make reviews.”

Increasing growth

OrangeValley has been involved in the launch of the telephone shop from the beginning. Grimaldi thinks that’s a good thing. After all, you can do everything right immediately in terms of SEO. “Google gets used to certain pages and then the process runs smoothly.” week on week there has been increasing growth, right from launch. It is important that the pond – ie the search terms that people search for – has become many times larger. The ambition is for SEO to take up twenty percent of the total traffic in the third quarter. Grimaldi: ,,We are now aiming for a Top 10 for all devices within six months and a Top 5 position after a year, so we keep raising the bar.”

Get started quickly

In terms of learnings, it has once again been confirmed that you must apply this strategy immediately, get started quickly with building backlinks, so that you are always sharp as a team. Easy said; if you want to rank higher in Google, you have to make an analysis quickly and create the qualitative content together. Harmsen adds something interesting to this, which has to do with the marketing mix, of which SEO is an important part. ,,We can control those positions as a team, but we saw that the CTR was a bit disappointing in the beginning. However, that went much better when the branding campaign was added because familiarity creates trust and therefore clicks. Marketing continues to be a game of bringing all disciplines together and of intensive collaboration.”

This article was created in collaboration with OrangeValley

Text: GDP Media | Image: Simyo

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