Review | MX vs ATV: Legends

Review | MX vs ATV: Legends
Review | MX vs ATV: Legends

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  • After some practice you will literally fly through the screen
  • Lots of tracks and they are beautifully made
  • Open world piece could have been filled in a little better
  • Tutorial is not replayable
  • Different weather types are missing

In 2010, MX vs ATV Reflex came out. This game was intended for the muddy motorsports enthusiast, but in the end it was mainly motocross enthusiasts who embraced it. While I’m personally not a big fan of motocross, I did have friends who did and had quite a few hours of fun playing this game. A lot has changed since 2010. The games are nicer and better developed and also MXGP is now available, which has turned the official motocross competition into a game. MX vs ATV Legends is a continuation of the now more than ten year old series.

MX vs ATV Legends is the fifth in the series and actually all five games are pretty much the same. You can choose from a number of disciplines and after that it is nice racing. There isn’t really a story behind it, which I really like for a racing game. In the beginning you get a tutorial and that is also necessary and, very important, you will also have to pay very close attention. Very important controls are explained in a short time and if you don’t pay attention, you’re out of luck. The tutorial can no longer be played once you have played it. Even on the PC it is difficult, you can only actually delete the save game, so that you start the game all over again. There is also no possibility to decide in-game that you want to start over, you really have to delete the save via Windows explorer.

When the tutorial is over, the open world will remain available. This open world is even more boring than a walking simulator without a narrative. Every now and then something lights up, then you go there and someone tells you something, but it’s never really relevant. It’s also more of a test of your grumble or see if you can find out what you missed in the tutorials that you can no longer follow. I drove around aimlessly for half an hour, but then I found out that my life does have meaning and that wasting time on this part is completely pointless.

There are three different vehicles to choose from: MX, ATV, and UTV. Each species has its own campaign mode, which in turn consists of different parts. You start at the first race and when you finish that one, you move on to the second. You run through a calendar and every week there is a different race. There are two types of races. The main ones are laps you can drive, the other is a long road with ten checkpoints. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, in this game everyone is a winner and you quickly move on to the next one. Only after 51 weeks will there be a real limitation. Then you need 120,000 fans to continue. I’ll come back to that about fans later.

MX, ATV and UTV?

MX is the dirt bike and also the type of vehicle that gets the most attention from the developers. The handling of these mud spreaders is very good and the races are exciting. Driving these passionate gas-guzzlers is like controlling a horse with ADHD. They can sometimes go in all directions, because muddy paths are simply not very stable. This makes for a lot of fun, but you will need some experience to master the race. When you get to that point, it’s a great piece of equipment to race with.

The ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a quad bike. Although they look very spectacular, I personally find them less so. Reason for this is very simple, they can not go skewed, after all they have four wheels. This makes making turns sometimes an impractical sinecure. Because he is less flexible, it is sometimes difficult to keep the pace and time the jumps well. When I started this, it was especially frustrating how difficult it was to make good jumps, but in the process one learns and over time it gets better.

The UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) is the vehicle that most closely resembles a car. They are faster and more powerful than ATVs, but they are much more bulky and weigh more. The races are therefore completely different. Compared to the other two, they are a bit easier, because the races contain less jumping moments and therefore they come across a bit calmer. I found this one the easiest and never had any problems. I won everything with a little too much ease, especially if you compare it with the other two disciplines.

Win the crowd by driving well

There are two currencies in this game. The first is the credits. With these credits you can buy new stuff or do something about your appearance. This is all very basic and there is not much to explain about it. The second is your fans. As a driver you have to deal with fans and the more fans you have the better it is for you. You also have to deal with limits of what you can do. As mentioned before, you need to have 120,000 fans in week 51 to continue. That means you have to perform a little. If you finish last in every race, you don’t have enough fans to continue. On the other hand, that amount can be achieved after 51 weeks. You’ll have to learn the controls and I didn’t finish first everywhere, but I was able to continue into the new year relatively easily. The amount of races there are, as far as I’ve seen, countless. Of course you regularly drive the same tracks, but because of the large amount of tracks I did have a kind of déjà vu moments when I did a race a second time. I couldn’t quite remember what the first time was.

As with any racing game, keeping the pace is very important. What is different with these and other racers, however, is that you have to deal with considerable layers of mud here. Keeping that pace is a bit more difficult. While all three vehicles are known for pooping a lot of horsepower, they also have to work hard to plow through the mud. Here the game makes the same mistake as most others of its kind (except for the DiRT series, but that’s just a different game with a different budget). You drive through deep sand and when it rains it becomes mud. However, it never rains in the game and so you drive through deep sand. That’s a missed opportunity. MX races are the most fun when it’s dog weather and the drivers are making such a mess that your clothes can’t be washed.


MX vs ATV Legends is a fun racing game, but requires a different set of skills than the standard racer. If you have no experience with earlier parts of this game, you will have to get used to the way the racing works and don’t be ashamed if they don’t win everything at the beginning. Once you’re used to the playing style, there’s a fun game waiting for you where you can play a few recesses at a time. What I do regret is that the developers have left quite a bit of sloppiness. You cannot delete a save game in the game itself and the tutorial is no longer replayable. You can’t even choose a different profile. I also think the lack of different weather types is a missed opportunity. For the rest, I can highly recommend it for anyone who likes racing games and are looking for something new.

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