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What is the best small system camera? And which one has the best value for money? The Consumers’ Association answers.

By Consumers’ Association

System cameras are primarily intended for photographers who take photography seriously. They aren’t exactly cheap, but they deliver the best quality photos. You can switch lenses, so you can use the camera well in different situations. The smaller system cameras are a bit more compact than the larger variants, so you can take them with you more easily.

The Consumers’ Association tests different types of photo cameras for, among other things, photo quality, film and video quality, operation, resolution and sharpness. More than 130 cameras have been tested that are currently reasonably to well available.

Among the 28 small system cameras tested, a Sony model comes out as Best in the Test. A Canon camera is the Best Buy.

Best in Test: Sony Alpha 7C

This small system camera from Sony is not cheap. But it is currently the best small system camera in the test.

The photos you take with this camera are of excellent quality. This is reflected in the good color reproduction, resolution and contrast. The high quality is largely due to the relatively large full-frame image sensor.

In addition to the photos, the videos are also very good. You can film well in both normal light and low light. The camera also has excellent image stabilization. This makes it much easier to take sharp photos. Especially when you zoom in, you move faster and this helps enormously.

Due to the good grip, the camera fits comfortably in the hand. It has a touch screen with a good sharp image that you can tilt. And the viewfinder also works very well.

This Sony has few downsides. The camera does not excel at speed. If you want to take pictures in quick succession, it’s better to choose a different model. In addition, the menus on the screen are somewhat complicated. The menu button is also awkwardly placed.

Best Buy: Canon EOS M200

This Canon camera is a lot cheaper to purchase than the Sony. It is also a lot smaller and lighter. The performance of the Canon is good, but you do sacrifice something compared to the Sony.

In terms of photo and video quality, this camera does not compete with the Sony. But the quality is sufficient. Especially in normal light it takes good quality photos and videos.

The image stabilization is very good. Handy if you take a lot of photos where you zoom in. At 3x, the zoom range is also somewhat larger than with the Sony. But if you really want to zoom in far, you can look at a combination with another lens.

This camera also fits well in the hand. It has a rotatable touchscreen and the menu works nicely.

The biggest disadvantage of this camera is that it does not have a viewfinder. In addition, the Canon has fewer physical buttons to adjust settings than the Sony.


In this column we write weekly about household and technological appliances that have been tested by the Consumers’ Association. This is a collaboration between the independent editors of this site and the Consumers’ Association.

The Consumers’ Association tests thousands of products every year, together with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad. The products being tested are store bought so they are not pre-manipulated by manufacturers.

New models are tested as soon as possible after introduction. How fast that is varies per product. The Best in Test is the product with the best test rating, which is readily available. This can also be a somewhat older model, because a newer model is not always better. The Best Buy is the product with the best value for money.

The stated price of a product is the lowest retail price currently known to the Consumers’ Association. But prices can vary from day to day. If no recent retail price is known, the target price is quoted.

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