The 5 best apps of August 2022 (+ the most important news)

At the beginning of the new month, we look back at the previous month. So it’s time to look back at the month of August. What was the most important news and what are the best apps of August 2022?

android in august

Over the past weekend, after months of research, we released our extensive weather app test 2022 published. Which weather app is the best and most accurate?

August was the month in which we saw several new smartphones. First of all, Samsung, which presented the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4. The brand also came with the Galaxy Watch 5. OnePlus also presented its new device; the OnePlus 10T. Xiaomi presented its stylish Mix Fold 2. Motorola also had something new to offer; we saw the Razr 2022 and the Moto X30 Pro and S30 Pro were also announced. A European announcement of the brand is planned for September 8. Oppo had the announcement of the Oppo Watch 3; a stylish smartwatch and the Reno 8 series.

Reading tip: a very interesting offer from KPN: for 12 months, the entire term of the contract for internet and television for only 35.00 euros. We have listed all the details for you about this KPN offer here.

Of course there was also the official announcement of Android 13, where we also heard everything about the new functions and possibilities. At the beginning of this month, Oppo presented the new ColorOS 13 skin, the layer that will be placed over Android 13. Samsung is also busy developing Android 13 for its Galaxy models; we are introduced to One UI 5.0.

In Germany, a dispute between Nokia and Oppo (and OnePlus) has ensured that devices from Oppo and OnePlus can no longer be sold at our Eastern neighbors. The NS is starting to test check-in with your debit card or smartphone for the train. It is also useful to check this overview. It contains 32 applications that you better quickly remove from your phone or tablet because of malware and adware. It was also announced that RTL XL will be replaced by Videoland and nothing more will be free.

The forgotten…

Our section ‘The forgotten phone’, ‘The forgotten smartphone’ and ‘The forgotten tablet’ has been expanded with the following four new editions;

Reviews, specials and tips

The various tests and reviews appeared on DroidApp in August. We have listed them below.

We have also published some specials and tips on the website. We put them down for you below.

Of course we also have our handy overviews with what’s new on the streaming services. This is all neatly arranged per week.

Best apps

We wrote about several applications in August. Apps that are newly released, easy to use or have received an update.


Tikkie is a handy application that is used by many Dutch people. You can conveniently split costs and share them with the rest of your group of friends. With the latest update you can use the Groepie. This allows you to share payment requests with a group. This is handy, because every participant in that group can put his or her expenses in the group, after which, after all expenses, the costs can easily be divided among themselves.


TomTom Go Ride app

TomTom Go Ride

TomTom has released the TomTom Go Ride app. This is an application especially for the motorcyclist who wants to get from A to B. When planning your route via the free app, you can adjust the tension, so that you can take some extra turns and challenges on your ride. You get the navigation, along with directions and instructions. Of course it is also possible to simply choose the fastest route, using the well-known TomTom maps.

TomTom GO Ride: Motorcycle GPS
TomTom GO Ride: Motorcycle GPS

Rainfall radar smartwatch app

rain radar

You can of course use rain radar on your smartphone or computer; since August it is again possible to download it on the smartwatch. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch, you can download the Buienradar smartwatch app for the watch. You have access to the radar images, the precipitation forecast graph and the forecast for the next hour.

Rainfall radar - weather
Rainfall radar - weather

Google Meet Spotify

Google Meet

The latest version of Google Meet also includes improvements. Live sharing for Spotify and YouTube has been added to the service. This allows you to share a streaming session directly with someone else, or in a group. So together you can exchange and listen to music via Spotify, or share a video via the well-known video platform. Some games can also be played via Google Meet, such as Uno, Kahoot or Heads Up!.

Google Meet (classic)
Google Meet (classic)

NS app Turn on notifications

NS Travel Planner

You can now set useful notifications in the latest version of the NS app. These are notifications that provide information when something happens on your route or during your planned trip that affects this. If your train is delayed, large crowds are expected or the train may be canceled… all things that you would like to be informed about for the moment itself.

Bonus Tip: DroidApp App

The proprietary DroidApp app gives you instant access to the most important Android news, device specifications, current prices and much more. Very handy! You can also indicate whether you want to receive notifications for new messages.

DroidApp - Android news
DroidApp - Android news

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