Second time lucky? Nasa really wants to launch Artemis-1 now

The unmanned Artemis I is scheduled to depart for the moon on Saturday evening. The rocket launch was scheduled for Monday, but was delayed due to a technical problem.

If all goes well, Artemis I will depart for the moon at 8:17 PM (Belgian time). NASA says the technical failure that led to the delay on Monday has been identified and repaired. The basis was a faulty sensor. It was previously feared that there was a problem with the cooling system or the engine itself.

40 minutes before lift off the mission was called off Monday after the sensor indicated that the cooling of one of the launcher’s four main engines was not working properly. “We are confident that the liquid hydrogen flowing through the engine is of good quality,” said mission manager John Honeycutt.

The weather may still throw a spanner in the works. In the event of thunderstorms or strong winds, the mission can still be postponed to Monday.

Nasa’s Artemi program aims to put humans on the Moon again and retrieve them by 2025 at the earliest. There will be a woman and someone of color among them for the first time. NASA wants to achieve this step-by-step, by analogy with the Apollo program. The first mission is to orbit and return the unmanned Orion capsule around the Moon to test the reliability of the systems.

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