Lots of RAM makes for very long first boot on ASRock X670E motherboard – Update

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According to the Twitterer HXL, the X670E Steel Legend from ASRock could take quite a long time to start up the first time. A sticker on the memory slots shows that the amount and capacity of the DDR5 memory used can have a significant impact: in the worst case, an initial boot time of not less than 400 seconds is mentioned.

For example, an initial boot of approximately 100 seconds is reported in the case of two 16 GB strips, or twice as long when using two 32 GB modules or four 16 GB strips. A configuration with four times 32 GB can take up to 400 seconds to start up for the first time after a cmos reset, or about 6.5 minutes.

While no explanation is given as to why the board takes so much time, it seems likely that it is looking for compatible (and stable) settings. If the content of the photo is genuine, then given the unusually long boot times it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to let users know. It is not clear whether all ASRock boards or models from the other manufacturers will behave similarly.

Memory speed does not seem to affect boot time. AMD’s website states that the Ryzen 7000 series supports a minimum of 5,200 MT/s, marketing head Robert Hallock has himself confirmed that ddr5-6000 should be the sweet spot between price, stability, performance, availability and ease of use.

Update 02-09-2022, 14:54 –

Meanwhile, both HXL and Raichu have indicated on Twitter that ASRock has released a bios update that should reduce the long initial boot time. It is not clear how long this board takes now, although it seems to be considerably shorter than the above 100 to 400 seconds.

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