Rumor: AMD plans to unveil Ryzen 7000 processors with 3D V-Cache in January – Computer – News

Rumor: AMD plans to unveil Ryzen 7000 processors with 3D V-Cache in January – Computer – News
Rumor: AMD plans to unveil Ryzen 7000 processors with 3D V-Cache in January – Computer – News

But your whole reasoning is from the perspective of someone who necessarily wants to have Ryzen 7000 right away, but also really like X3D. That’s a rather niche perspective, I think.

My reasoning is indeed based mainly on gamers. After all, that is also the main target group. If you’re professionally running batch processes, I’m specifically referring to rendering things, then it really doesn’t hurt to not have the very latest. Your batch job will take a few seconds or tens of seconds longer. It is the gamers who are mainly focused on when selling, they are the early adapters because gaming is their hobby and there are plenty of gamers who like to spend some money to have the best hardware and smoothest gaming experience. I don’t think I need to explain that the gaming market is huge (mainly among desktop users).
Do I have exact numbers? No, but check the promotional videos and other material from AMD, it is very much focused on gamers. That’s really no coincidence. And my very first reaction is to a gamer who says:

Still have to wait a little longer. You mainly need the performance for games and the 3D V-Cache CPUs are what you want.

So of which I say, these kinds of thoughts are not uncommon. I know it from myself and have heard it for over 20 years in my gaming friend circles and non-friend circles.

I am not saying that there is a substantial group of people who approach it very rationally from a price/performance perspective and simply reason, “with a 3600X or better a 5600X I have performance that is hard to distinguish from a 5950X, but I am much cheaper out”. This group certainly exists. I think everyone has these mindsets to some degree.

But I dare to say without having done market research myself that there is also a large group of people who are sensitive and would like to have just about the best material, or maybe just a product from the latest series that belongs to the top. Of course I also understand that Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache is the same series according to AMD as the regular Ryzen 7000 models (I understand 4 concatenated numbers luckily :-)), but my whole point is that a certain (non-niche) group of people does this. to experience differently. Look at an Intel or Nvidia, they understand that only too well when they release a 12900K or RTX 3090 Ti-like model. Those last frames per second, which bring them just to the top of the benchmarks (some at least, I say overly cautiously), are incredible value for the image of a lot of people. And the effects of this extend beyond just the gaming world. And if there is also the Intel 13th Core generation with about 4 or 5 models and these have the same ratio as Ryzen 5000 versus Intel 12th Core generation, then with your 7950X you go with your 7950X with a big kick (to more than 10% ) fall outside the top 5 in many benchmarks and with a 7600X outside the top 8. That already feels a bit outdated. I’m really guessing here in terms of performance of course (maybe better not to). Also, I don’t believe that companies like AMD really care about customer emotions, but surely it would leave a pretty bad aftertaste for a lot of people here if within a few months of buying the latest series (many in November and December with Christmas etc.), a substantial upgrade (in terms of gaming performance) to be released. I really don’t know if that causes enough (brand) damage not to do it. I just don’t know, but it doesn’t sound right. And if the rumors start in earnest before you can buy the first Ryzen 7000 CPU, then that’s not good for the sales figures I think. But this is also only 1 rumor, from not super reliable sources as far as I’m concerned. That’s also an important part of what I was trying to say.

But your whole reasoning is from the perspective of someone who necessarily wants to have Ryzen 7000 right away, but also really like X3D. That’s a rather niche perspective, I think.

So no, as far as I know it’s not a niche, gamers are pretty much the most important market for these kinds of products, especially the first half year after a launch. It’s that the HEDT platforms are so expensive these days without ‘normal’ Threadrippers, making the Ryzen 7000 series still very interesting for serious rendering, compile and other batch process type users.

You forget for a moment that Intel is coming soon with Raptor Lake. Due to the current way of presenting AMD can now claim the profit compared to Alder Lake, then possibly grant Intel a win for a few months and then immediately hit back with the X3D variants. If they released everything right away, it would be much easier for Intel to take the profit with an extra overclock.

No, I hadn’t forgotten (that Intel is coming with the 13th Core generation soon), that was a very big assumption on your part. Nevertheless, I think you bring up a good point: perhaps that is the reasoning that AMD uses to come up with 3D V-Cache versions within six months. If they are really forced to do that because the new Intel’s are clearly faster, I can imagine that they do that, so good argument in my opinion.

But to what extent does AMD already know this? I do believe that there is “spying” and “gossiping” in that world, so maybe AMD is already feeling the mood, so benefit of the doubt as far as I’m concerned AMD knows.

Still, my suspicion is strong with this kind of rumor, because these are just rumors of “A source of YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead” that I don’t think highly of, specifically “Greymon55” (I don’t know that one), It’s just more of an empty rumor. My experience with this kind of product updates (it’s like a big Ti version like with Nvidia video cards) often only come after 1 to 1.5 years. Last time it also took about 1.5 years at AMD between the release of the 5800X and the 5800X3D, although that could of course be due to other things. I’m willing to bet (just for fun or honor?) that AMD won’t officially announce any Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache models in January (5 months after announcing the Ryzen 7000 series). This leaked here via Twitter and Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube is a rumor, far from being truth or fact, and I wouldn’t take it too seriously when making my purchasing decisions. That’s what I stated and still lagging behind.

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