Product photos of Sonos’ Sub Mini subwoofer out, still a release this year?

Techsite Winfutre has gotten their hands on the first images of Sonos’ upcoming Sub Mini subwoofer. Last month, Sonos announced that the release of the product had been postponed to 2023, but these official product photos give hope that it might still happen this year.

Sonos’ Sub Mini in black and white, next to the Beam soundbars.

November last year the first rumors went that Sonos would be working on a smaller and cheaper subwoofer. In May, The Verge made another 3D render of the product, which now appears to have been fairly accurate. The Sub Mini is cylindrical, with a vertical cutout in the middle. It will be delivered in black and white.

Specifications are still unknown, although it is likely that the Sub Mini will be wireless, just like its bigger brother (the Sub), and can be added to existing Sonos systems. Based on the photos, the Sub Mini will also be offered as a set with a Beam soundbar and One speakers.

The Sub Mini, also as a set with One speakers and the Beam soundbar.

Source: Winfuture (German)

The article is in Dutch

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