Apple Watch Series 8: the latest rumors just before the Apple event

Apple’s iPhone event will take place next Wednesday, September 7. In addition to the iPhone 14, Apple is also likely to present the Apple Watch Series 8 – and perhaps a sporty Pro model will also appear for the first time. These are the most striking Apple Watch Series 8 rumors of the moment!

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Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors

Apple will unveil the next generation of the Apple Watch next week. Officially we don’t know anything about this smartwatch yet, but there is a lot of speculation about it. What is currently known about Apple’s new smart watch? We have collected the most plausible rumors for you.

1) Apple Watch 8 design

Last year the Apple Watch Series 7 was supposed to get a completely new design, but in the end the changes turned out to be very subtle. The most remarkable thing was that the screen size grew slightly (to 41 and 45). Initially it was thought that the Series 8 would get that promising new design, but now those rumors have also been silenced. We think the Series 8 looks the same as its predecessor. Perhaps some new Apple Watch 8 colors will appear. There are also rumors about a third model with a larger screen of no less than 48 mm – we will come back to that in a moment.

2) Sensor for measuring your body temperature

A saturation monitor, an app for making a heart film, fall detection: the Apple Watch is getting more and more sensors that monitor your health. New on the Apple Watch Series 8: we expect a sensor to measure your body temperature. Do not expect this sensor to indicate your temperature down to the decimal point. The sensor is probably capable of detecting fluctuations in your body temperature. The function is mainly intended for fertility planning in women: based on body temperature you can determine when ovulation takes place.

3) New S8 chip

The Series will probably be equipped with an S8 chip, but that is actually the same as last year’s S7. And that in turn was equal to the S6 of the Apple Watch Series 6. So don’t expect much progress in terms of speed. Still, the Series 8 does make a leap in efficiency. There would be a new energy-saving mode, similar to that of the iPhone. This way you can go longer on a battery charge.

4) Special sports version

The most striking rumor concerns a completely new sports version of the Apple Watch. In the corridors, it is called the Apple Watch Pro. This will have an extra sturdy housing – rubber or titanium is mentioned as the material. It is especially for people who practice rougher sports.

We just mentioned a bigger screen, and there is a possibility that only this sports version will get that. So that athletes can better read their statistics. The screen may also be completely flat, making it extra robust. Did you end up in a dire situation during a slightly too extreme sport? Then you can use satellite communication.

Apple Watch Series 8 and Pro unveiled on September 7

What’s true about the rumours? We’ll hear that next week: on Wednesday 7 September there is an Apple event. Bordering on certainty, an Apple Watch Series 8 will probably be announced during the keynote. But perhaps also the Apple Watch Pro. Want to stay informed of all developments? Sign up for our newsletter.

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