Sponsored: Enter to win a OnePlus 10T smartphone

Sponsored: Enter to win a OnePlus 10T smartphone
Sponsored: Enter to win a OnePlus 10T smartphone

If you are looking for a smartphone, there is a lot of choice. The offer is really huge, but really good smartphones with all the features you need and the performance you want are few. OnePlus is the brand you can turn to for the best price-performance ratio and the smartest features for years.

With the new 10T, OnePlus once again shows that it is bringing phones to the market with the smartest combination of price, quality, features and performance. You can also see that in the price tag, because this device with high-end specifications can be ordered for 699 euros.

The best soc

The combination we just mentioned is exactly what OnePlus has been known for, ever since the first phone it launched. The OnePlus 10T is one of the first phones based on the new Snapdragon 8+ gen 1, a soc that delivers even better performance. This applies not only to the processor, but also to the GPU. Processor performance has increased by ten percent, graphics by thirty percent.

The Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 offers a huge performance boost.

This combination means that the Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 is currently the best CPU for an Android phone, and that is why you will also find it in this device. OnePlus did not stop there and provided this device with an extensive cooling system, which when unfolded is as large as sixty percent of a sheet of A4 paper.

The complex structure of the 10T’s cooling system.

OnePlus has opted for very powerful and effective technology. The barely 8mm thick housing contains a vapor chamber with eight channels. It works together with a copper foil that ensures that the heat is distributed. Furthermore, 3D graphite is used. This complex cooling system ensures that you have perfect performance under all conditions.

Hyper Boost Gaming Engine

Nothing is more annoying when gaming than seeing a lot of frames drop after a while. That’s why the 10T has the Hyper Boost Gaming Engine on board. The SnapDragon 8+ gen 1 has a very fast gpu and you notice that immediately in the games that you can play under Android. It is managed using the general performance adapter; In addition, the GPU load control and frame stabilizer help ensure that you can play perfectly.

As an option, OnePlus offers a special case. The Glacier Mate Case gives the case a helping hand by absorbing the heat. The special material that is used ensures that moisture in the air is used to cool the phone. This makes it possible to lower the temperature by an average of 2.3 degrees Celsius.

The Glacier Mat case provides extra cooling.

No thresholds

The performance of the OnePlus 10T is further optimized by the extremely fast Lpddr5X memory and the UFS 3.1 connection to the storage medium. There are two variants of the OnePlus 10T available. From 699 you benefit from the ultimate performance in the 8GB/128GB version. If you are a real life maximizer and want to take advantage of a phone without performance restrictions, there is also a version with no less than 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage capacity. That variant makes mincemeat of all imaginable Android apps.


The OnePlus 10T is intended for those looking for the ultimate phone. The impressive performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 10T is kept in check by a hugely effective cooling and the HyperBoost Gaming Engine. As a result, you no longer suffer from unexpected frame drops or other problems while gaming. The OnePlus 10T can be ordered via OnePlus.com. The version with 8GB/128GB costs 699 euros, for 100 euros more you have a version with 16GB ram and 256GB storage space. You can win it if you answer these questions. You can participate until September 4, 2022 8:00 a.m.

Source: OnePlus

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