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A French collector of game consoles puts his entire collection on eBay. It consists of about 2250 consoles. “It’s about 50 years of consoles, from the first to the very last,” he writes. He has even collected several special and regional editions of consoles.

The Frenchman on the page does not make a full inventory; he has a table with all Nintendo models under his description text, although the Virtual Boy for example is missing from that list. However, it can still be seen in a photo. All in all, based on his text and his photos, it is not really possible to say whether he really has all the consoles in his collection. Nevertheless, his feedback profile of 1903 evaluations, 100 percent positive in the past 12 months, gives some confidence in his honesty.

What can be seen is undiminished impressive. The attached shots show shelves full of editions of the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360 as well as more obscure and older consoles like the TurboGrafx 16 and the NEC CD-ROM2.

Also limited edition of consoles are included. From the Xbox 360 alone, you’ll see editions based on Fable, Watchmen, GTA V, Battlefield 1943, Halo 3: ODST, Madden, Wet, and many more. The seller, Kaori30, also has a YouTube channel with videos from his collection, although they vary widely in quality, completeness and age. He also links to his Instagram account, where you can see nicer shots of his collection. It is not clear whether promotional materials such as the life-size Lara Croft are also included in the sale.

It is not clear why he is now getting rid of the collection. He says he started his collection in the 90s, but he sold it to start his company. In the early 2000s he started collecting again and in 2018 he managed to get back everything he had sold before. He states that 200 to 300 pieces are “so rare that you really can’t find them, even if you have the money.” A collector or a museum seems to him to be a good destination for the collection.

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