The original Mafia game is free on Steam for its 20th anniversary

The original Mafia game is free on Steam for its 20th anniversary
The original Mafia game is free on Steam for its 20th anniversary
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in celebration of mafiaIn celebration of 2K Games’ 20th anniversary, 2K Games is selling the original open-world game for free on Steam for a limited time, from September 1 through September 5.

This news follows an announcement from 2K Games new ones mafia The game is in preparation Back in May. While the new game is still in early development, we do know that it will be made with the Unreal Engine 5 instead of the Mafia III Engine in the mod. We also know that its internal code name is Nero and that it is expected to be a pre-release of mafia triple.

Contrary to her more eccentric instincts in 2K games Grand Theft Auto series, mafia It tells a more established story that focuses on old-fashioned crime families getting involved in classic movies like good comrades And the the godfather. You play as Tommy Angelo, a humble 1930s cab driver who is dumped in the criminal district of Illinois and turns into one of the most terrifying mobsters in the Salieri family.

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While the series has received the redesigned treatment with new dialogue and new video clips, the battle is tighter and the visuals have been updated again with 4K and HDR support with… definitive edition of the mafiaEntering the mafia anniversary celebrations by downloading the original game has a huge plus in the purchase alternative final edition. Aside from the obvious factor that it is free, downloading the original game means you can enjoy the copyrighted music of the original game that final edition Lost, as Moanin’ For You by The Mills Brothers. Similar to the new version of 2Ks with (deep breathing) Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate EditionAnd the definitive edition of the mafia It lost some of its traces dBecause the license has expired.

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