Google gets more personal data than we believe

Google gets more personal data than we believe
Google gets more personal data than we believe

Security expert Bert Hubert has developed a simple tool, a kind of Flitsmeister that warns you with a sound signal when your computer secretly sends personal data to Google. And that happens all the time. It’s almost impossible to surf for a few seconds without beeps coming up. In other words, your computer passes on information to Google’s servers almost continuously.

Although Hubert, co-founder of PowerDNS, knew that Google’s hunger for data is hard to satisfy, he was shocked by the frequency with which Google is served. His 34-second video of his visit to the official job site of the Dutch government speaks volumes. Google sees everything you do on, for example, Every action ends up at Google.

It all starts with typing the domain name. If you then click on ‘View vacancies’, a notification will immediately be sent to Google. Hubert clicked on the vacancy for ‘Health monitoring project leader’ and sure enough, Google immediately receives a signal. Click on job requirements: beep. On terms of employment: beep. On other terms of employment: beep. ‘Apply for this job’: beep. ‘Call us for information’: beep. The Tracker Beeper beeps with just about every mouse click.

In short, all your activities are tracked. Google also knows who is interested in the position of IT security officer at the NCTV, also a vacancy that is posted on Software developer Hubert finds it distressing how much Google finds out. And that while you are ever asked for permission. It gets really bad when you visit news sites, then the beeping is not out of the air at all.

The app only works on Linux for now. But Hubert is also considering versions for Apple/OSX, Windows and maybe even iOS and Android. He also wants to create support for Facebook and other trackers. Stereo sound is also an idea. Then Google sounds from the left and Facebook from the right speaker.

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