[Review] Pac-Man World Re-Pac – Will the game recover?

We have to go back more than 20 years before the release of the original Pac-Man World on the Playstation 1. The game appeared as a fairly average platformer and cleverly capitalized on the success of popular titles like Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot. More than 20 years later, the game is re-released. How does this updated version look like? We have tested the game extensively for you.

Where is that party?

Like most platform games, there is also a story present in Pac-Man World Re-Pac. This time it’s about Pac-Man’s birthday, which he wants to celebrate with the whole family. Even before Pac-Man himself arrives, he finds out that all the guests have been taken, by the ghosts known from the series. The mastermind behind it all: the giant robot Toc-Man, who is now luring you to him by kidnapping everyone. From that moment on you can get ready for an exciting adventure, where you complete all kinds of levels with Pac-Man through different worlds and engage in the necessary boss fights. No, the story doesn’t deserve an originality prize, but it does its thing.

A typical platformer

Pac-Man World Re-Pac is, as you could already read, a 2D/3D platformer in which you have to play all kinds of levels. The game has a total of six worlds and each world consists of four levels. Fortunately, the worlds have enough variation (space, mazes, beaches) which makes for a nice variety. In the levels you will first of all find the necessary puzzles and you will regularly return to the “find the key, open the door” gameplay to achieve your goal. Of course you will also encounter more than enough enemies to defeat and your platform skills will be tested by jumping from left to right and from high to low. You also have to find buttons and jump on them to open doors and then move on. Have you completed certain levels? Then you can go to the next levels and/or worlds. Does that all sound very familiar and standard? Then you have understood that correctly, Pac-Man World Re-Pac is an average platformer that does little real news.

Still, that doesn’t mean that Pac-Man World Re-Pac is necessarily a bad game. Pac-Man World Re-Pac does what it does quite well. The controls are simple, but it works fine and well. Going off will therefore really be your own fault. In addition, the game remains, fair is fair, just fun to play. This is partly due to the various gimmicks in the levels that keep Pac-Man World Re-Pac fresh. Think of dodging cannon fire from pirate ships, turning into a metal PAC-Man to running through a scary clown funhouse. In addition, there is enough to collect in the different levels. Also the boss fights are often fun to play. For example, at the first boss you have to shoot back cannonballs to inflict damage. You can play through the six worlds fairly quickly (within six to eight hours), but luckily there is a lot to collect. Later levels can get pretty tough, but a special easy mode keeps the game playable for everyone.

The test of time

Pac-Man World Re-Pac is a game that is 22 years old and then the question is of course how a remake will turn out. To get straight to the point, Pac-Man World Re-Pac isn’t the most beautiful game you’ve seen. Still, the developers have made a big step compared to Pac-Man World. Everything looks colorful and cheerful and levels are still quite detailed. It is a pity that the framerate is not always consistent, hopefully an update can improve this. The sound is also cheerful and sometimes even suspiciously catchy, so little to complain about!


Pac-Man World Re-PAC is perhaps a relatively short game with about 6-8 hours playing time, the game does bring back the classic platformers in a good way. Although the simple gameplay might put you off, Pac-Man World Re-Pac is still a fine platformer that, despite all that is quite average, still manages to hold its own after all these years. With an average price of around 40 euros, you get a pretty nice and above all very friendly priced platformer.

+ Fun and above all accessible gameplay
+ Looks very cute
+ Sufficient variation in the course

– Not very original
– Very simple in design, but that’s what the price is again

DN Score: 7.0

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