Old or new: which iPad is the best buy?


Last week, Apple launched new iPads. The new iPad Pro has a super strong M4 chip, while the new iPad Air has also been upgraded. The devices are available in stores from today, but do you really need to buy a new iPad? Or can you save money by buying an older model?

iPad Air

Anyone who has read the articles surrounding the launch of the new iPad Air probably already knows: not much has actually changed. The most drastic change is undoubtedly the new chip. This time, Apple equips the iPad Air with an M2 chip, while the 2022 model still contains an M1 chip. On paper, the new chip is 15 to 25 percent faster than the previous one. That’s quite something, but according to Apple the progress is even less modest: the company itself talks about a performance gain of 50%.

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That’s largely about it as far as the iPad Air is concerned. Do you already have an iPad Air at home? Whether you should get the new model depends mainly on your usage scenario. Do you mainly use the device for social media, to look up recipes and watch films and series? Then the upgrade seems too small to buy a new iPad.

Do you not yet have an Apple tablet at home and cannot choose between the old and the new model? Then we recommend the most recent model. The price of the 2022 model is currently not much lower than that of the 2024 model. With the new model you benefit from longer software support, but also from smaller improvements to the iPad itself. The camera is in a different place here, and you can get the devices with more storage. This makes the devices much more user-friendly, making them more than worth their limited additional cost.

iPad Pro or Air?

Not sure whether to choose between an iPad Pro or Air? Here too, a lot depends on how you use the device. Do you use the device for work or do you have a creative hobby? Then the iPad Pro is worth it. An iPad Air is more than powerful enough for home, garden and kitchen use, and that also applies to students who want to take notes in class.

Would you like a larger iPad? With the previous generation you were still required to go for the more expensive Pro model, but that is not the case here. In addition to the 11-inch iPad Air, Apple now also offers a 13-inch iPad Air. In their basic configuration, such a large 13-inch iPad Air is still 250 euros cheaper than a small iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

Do you already have an iPad Pro, but want to know whether an upgrade is worth it? To do this, it is best to look at how your own iPad is still performing. Is it gradually becoming too slow for the most demanding applications? Then a new iPad Pro with M4 can certainly offer relief. These chips are the most powerful that Apple has ever built, and therefore deliver top performance.

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Are you getting a new iPad for another reason, for example because the screen is broken? Then we would dare to save by opting for an iPad Air. If you’re still happy with the performance of your 2022 iPad Pro, it’s an excellent way to spend less money. The new and faster chip for the iPad Air is the same M2 as the one in old iPad Pro models. In other words: by sacrificing a little on screen and camera quality, you can easily save 500 euros. That is the difference in price between the basic models of the new iPad Air and Pro.

Not to say that an iPad Pro isn’t worth it otherwise: the screen quality, the cameras and even the speakers are noticeably better on this device. With the iPad Pro, an absolute top experience is guaranteed, although you have to be prepared to pay a lot for it.


An iPad is not the same as an iPhone, and that becomes clear once again here. Apple releases new smartphones every year, so it is not a bad idea to opt for an older and cheaper model. However, there is a period of two years between these iPads and the previous one. This mainly means that you will enjoy software support for a shorter period of time if you buy an older device.

Do you already have an iPad Air at home and would you like to freshen it up with a new model? That only seems interesting to us if you can trade in the old device for a nice amount. Do you have an iPad Pro lying around? Then know that the new iPad Air is just as strong as what you already have at home. Is your current iPad Pro becoming slow? Then of course we would upgrade.

In any case: if you get a new iPad, it is currently more interesting to get the new models. To be honest, it is better to ignore models with the mention ‘2022’. The new devices will have longer software support, are ready for AI functions and support the new Apple Pencil Pro.

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