This Lamborghini is more shapely than Conrad Janssens’ copy (photos)

This Lamborghini is more shapely than Conrad Janssens’ copy (photos)
This Lamborghini is more shapely than Conrad Janssens’ copy (photos)

Last week it was Lamborghini week in Flanders.

Conrad Janssens received an Urus in the color Verde Mantis from his dad. Rarely have Flemish newspapers wasted so much ink on an Italian car and we participated for fun. It was guessed that the price of the big SUV was a good one, and we revealed it the real price tag. Michel van den Brande told us that his Urus still thicker used to be. We told you that there is a real chance that you too contributed a little to Conrad’s four-wheeler.

Opinions about that car were also quite divided. Some would also want one if they could afford it, others said a sports car should be less than about four feet high and still others were of the opinion that such a Urus is nothing more than a glorified Volkswagen. The latter is also correct. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to look at the underside of such a Urus knows that almost all parts of it bear the VW logo. But it is still a Lambo: it ultimately rolls off the production line in Sant’Agata Bolognese and not in Wolfsburg.

However, here we are not talking about the Urus, but about another Lamborghini. This is 29-year-old Elettra Lamborghini: Reality star, model, singer, influencer and the granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the legendary sports car brand. Instead of claiming a seat in the family business, DJ Afrojack’s wife prefers to focus on more important matters.

Namely putting themselves in the spotlight and usually in the most spicy way. For example, she once wore a see-through dress at the MTV European Music Awards and stole everyone’s attention. Her nickname is The Italian Killer, because of the many fights she gets involved in. Meowkes.

So this is a Lamborghini that you don’t just take for a test drive unscathed.

With an album title like ‘Twerking Queen’ as her most important achievement, you can perhaps already guess what kind of music she makes. No wonder she has 7.1 million followers on Instagram.

We now understand why Afrojack is more than happy to own a Lamborghini sands tears.

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