Samsung One UI 6.1 update causes problems: this is what you need to know


Samsung One UI 6.1 brings many cool new AI features to your smartphone, but unfortunately the update also causes problems. Have you not installed it yet? Then it might be a good idea to wait a little longer.

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Problems with Samsung One UI 6.1

Thanks to One UI 6.1, you get access to AI (artificial intelligence) on the Galaxy S23 and other older Samsung smartphones. It is therefore an update that many people want to install on their device as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, One UI 6.1 appears to cause problems in some cases.

9to5Google found that users of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 are complaining that their phones are charging slower after the update. Where they normally fill up with battery juice with a maximum of 25 watts, they are now stuck at 15 watts. That is of course very slow, especially for such expensive devices.

In addition, the smartphones become warmer than before installing the update. That could be related to the AI ​​functions mentioned. These require relatively much from the processor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Sammobile reports yet another issue with Galaxy S23 smartphones after downloading One UI 6.1. Some users experience difficulties with the fingerprint scanner. When they pick up their device, an animation no longer appears where they have to hold their finger against the screen.

When they do, the S23 refuses to unlock. If they take their finger off the display again, the scanner still seems to wake up and they can gain access to the smartphone.

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Samsung has not yet responded to these annoying bugs. An update may be released in the near future that will resolve the issues.

More about One UI 6.1

As mentioned, One UI 6.1 is especially interesting because of its AI functions. This way you can move objects in your photos or even delete them. With ‘Circle to Search’ you start a search by circling a photo. In addition, the software can summarize articles or help you write your own text. In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra you can read what we think of these features.

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