Will your Galaxy get it too?

Will your Galaxy get it too?
Will your Galaxy get it too?

The Galaxy S24 already got it, the rest still have to get it: Samsung’s April update. We look at what exactly the new update does, and on which Galaxy phones you can expect it.

Samsung update April 2024

If all goes well, all April jokes are safely stored in a bag in the drawer. And so we can finally see what that premature April update on the Galaxy S24 actually did – and what it still has to do on a large number of other Samsung phones.

Like every security patch, the April one also consists of two parts. Google’s half this time includes 27 improvements to the security of the Android system itself. One of them is critical and concerns phones with a Qualcomm processor. Think of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Galaxy S23 series minus the FE, all foldables and various other Samsung devices.

Samsung’s half of the patch includes 17 fixes that address several One UI security vulnerabilities. In addition, there are a number of improvements about which Samsung cannot yet publish information.

Who gets the update?

And then of course there is the question: who will get the April update on their phone? Of course, this happens anyway if you have one of the phones that always get the latest updates every month:

That’s quite a list. While all of these devices will receive the April update, some may also receive the upgrade to One UI 6.1 in the coming weeks. Devices such as the Galaxy S21, S22 and Galaxy A52, A53 and A54 will receive this without Galaxy AI, but with a few minor improvements to the interface. However, it is far from clear when that upgrade will come, or whether it will actually start in April.

By the way: from now on, the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series will no longer receive the latest patches monthly. But that’s actually good news, as we explain HERE.

Apart from the phones that receive monthly updates, there are also the devices that do this quarterly. A number of these are also due for a new patch this month. Consider, for example, the Galaxy A23, A33, A34 – and the new Galaxy A35 has yet to receive its first update here.


In the tablet field, most models that receive quarterly updates are still sufficiently up to date. Only the Galaxy Tab S9 FE urgently needs a new patch.


In addition to the devices mentioned, there are of course also other, older mid-range phones and tablets that are also updated on a regular basis. Because these often only receive two updates per year, we cannot meaningfully predict when this will happen.

Apart from that, it is also never possible to predict in which order Samsung will roll out a monthly update. The phones mentioned will receive the April patch in the coming weeks, but we won’t know who will get it and when until the time comes.

As you are used to, we will highlight some updates later this month when they are actually available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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