Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 battery may confirm new design

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 battery may confirm new design
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 battery may confirm new design

The certification of a battery for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 may confirm rumors about a new design for the watch.

Galaxy Watch 7 battery

Just under a month ago, a rumor surfaced that Samsung is working on a new smartwatch that is squarer than other recent models. Moreover, it recently became clear that two clearly different watch models are in development: the SM-L3xx and the SM-L7xx.

The battery of the latter has now turned up at a South Korean inspection agency. The small battery carries model number EB-BL705ABY, and therefore belongs to the watches that will soon have model number SM-L7xx.

Unfortunately, the photo of the battery does not show its exact specifications. But one feature still stands out. With dimensions of approximately 20 by 26 millimeters, it is not square. In recent years, for logical reasons, the batteries of Samsung’s round watches have always been square.

It is therefore conceivable that we see here a first tangible hint at a watch with model number SM-L7xx that is not round, but rectangular and elongated. Indeed, like Samsung’s own first smart watches, but also like the watches from competitor Apple.

Of course, it is still a bit early to draw far-reaching conclusions based on the shape of the battery alone. But with recent rumors and leaked information in mind, we thought it was a striking detail that can now be seen in the photo.

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