‘there is a concept for a third part’

‘there is a concept for a third part’
‘there is a concept for a third part’

Last Friday, the documentary Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II went online via YouTube and the game itself. During the broadcast, Neil Druckmann, creative director of The Last of Us, revealed that he has a concept for a third part in the series.

To give context to that third part, the man looked back at the common thread throughout the game. For example, the first game had ‘a concept of unconditional love that a parent feels for his/her children’. The second game serves up “an idea of ​​justice at any cost.” That was also a clear concept for Druckmann, but the most important thing was that ‘the motif of love from the first game still shines through’.

According to Druckmann, that was also ‘the challenge for a new game, to find a concept in which the themes of both games flow through’. For years he struggled to find a concept for a third game, but was unsuccessful. Although the creative director indicates that this has recently changed. And although he ‘doesn’t have a story yet, there is a concept that is as strong as that of the first and second parts and yet also brings back the motifs from the previous parts’. So Druckmann concluded that there is “probably another chapter to this story after all.”

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