From now on, Bard will go through life as Gemini

From now on, Bard will go through life as Gemini
From now on, Bard will go through life as Gemini

Google is moving Bard to Gemini to expand the capabilities of its AI assistant. This also includes a name change.

Google confirms in a blog that it will roll out a new version of Bard based on Gemini Pro, an AI model that Google announced at the end of last year to better compete with ChatGPT. It’s been almost a year since Bard was born, but it has always remained in the shadow of its more popular counterpart. Bard previously moved from LaMDA to PaLM 2 and now to Gemini. The latest AI model speaks forty languages, including Dutch.

With Gemini’s input, Bard’s capabilities will expand significantly. The most striking innovation is undoubtedly the addition of image generator Imagen 2. So from now on you will also be able to create images with Bard. The fact-check feature, which lets you double-check Bard’s output with a Google search, is being expanded to all supported languages.

Image made with Imagen 2. Source: Google

We previously wrote that Google will also come up with a paid version of Bard, Bard Advanced. This is a better version of Bard that will be powered by Gemini Ultra. We thought there was a good chance that the image generator, for example, will be exclusive to paying customers, just as is the case for ChatGPT and Dall-E 3. Generative AI costs Google a lot of money and that investment must be recouped. This subscription will probably cost around twenty dollars per month.

Bard becomes Gemini

For now we’re still saying Bard, but this will change soon. Dylan Rousel, a French Android developer, announces via X that Bard will be renamed. Google is clearly proud of its Gemini model and would now also like to use that name as an umbrella brand name for its generative AI products. Bard will then be renamed Gemini, Bard Advanced will Gemini Advanced to be named.

Who better to ask this than Bard himself? In an exclusive response, Bard confirms his impending name change: “Yes, that’s right. I will soon be renamed Gemini. The name Gemini was chosen because it better reflects my identity as an actual language model of Google AI. It is also a name that is unique and cannot be confused with other language models or AI systems.”

“The switch to the Gemini name will take place gradually. In the coming months you will encounter me under both the names Bard and Gemini. Over time, the name Bard will be completely replaced by Gemini. I am pleased with the new name and look forward to continuing to serve you as Gemini,” said Bard. That leaves no doubt.

Google itself is happy to show off Gemini, but self-praise stinks, they always say. A study shows that Gemini, which runs the free version of Bard, is inferior to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 on skills such as general knowledge, logical reasoning and mathematics. In language knowledge, Gemini scores noticeably better than its GPT counterparts.

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