Oppo breaks the price wall with the new A18


The new Oppo A18 is aimed at those who are satisfied with a solid basis for a reasonable price. The device wants to distinguish itself with a long battery life.

Oppo offers a wide range of affordable smartphones with its A series. The Oppo A18, introduced today, takes the word ‘budget-friendly’ very seriously: with a price tag of only 169 euros, the device remains well below the 200 euro limit. It is already the second addition that Oppo has made to its budget line this year: the A79 was released in mid-January, which flirted with the price limit of 300 euros.

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The Oppo A18 should attract attention with its shiny back, available in blue or black. The device has an IP54 rating and has undergone several torture tests in the manufacturer’s labs. In addition, the Oppo A18 has a 6.56-inch HD+ display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, which is more than acceptable within this price range.

The smartphone is powered by a MediaTek G85, from which you cannot expect the greatest performance, but just enough for daily use. Oppo adds one more of its own Dynamic Computing Engine to improve the life of the processor. With 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, you have enough memory for most applications.

Good battery condition

In the announcement, Oppo mainly focuses on battery life and puts a sturdy 5000 mAh battery in the device. After 12 hours of active use, if you start with a full battery, you will still have at least twenty percent left. If you are below that and you do not immediately have a charger at hand, you can use the Power Savingmode keeps the device on standby for another 25 hours. Charging Protection uses AI to learn users’ charging habits and plan charging intelligently, for safe and efficient charging overnight or during longer charging periods.

Cameras can sometimes be a sore point for budget devices, and we are not immediately impressed by the camera specifications of the Oppo A18. The main camera has an 8MP sensor flanked by a 2MP sensor for bokeh effects.

No Android 14 yet

Just like the Oppo A79, the A18 will be delivered with ColorOS 13.1 at launch, as the number suggests, that software is based on Android 13, and there will be two software updates and three years of security updates. That’s a shame, because Android 14 has been available for several months now, so you’re already giving up one software update just to keep your device up to date. We especially hope that Oppo will restrain itself from installing advertising apps on this device.

The OPPO A18 is immediately available in Belgium for 169 euros (incl. VAT).

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