Figure seen, cache closed: Google officially stops using the archive button


For years, Google Search had a button that allowed you to view the page in Google’s archive, the cache. In case the real page would not load, but according to Google that is now outdated.

The ‘View in cache’ button used to always be behind the small URLs just above the Google search results. Hidden under a small arrow, the function was mainly aimed at the more experienced user. The button allowed you to view a page even if it wouldn’t load. This used to happen sometimes due to page overload, but nowadays it happens much less often.

So little in fact, that the button has been removed: next to URLs there are now three dots that tell more about the search result when you click. The button was gone for a while, but Google searchliaison Danny Sullivan the disappearance of the cache button. “Yes, it has been removed. I know, it’s sad. I’m sad too because it’s one of our oldest positions,” said Sullivan.

An alternative does exist

So it is now outdated. “But it was intended to help people access pages when in the past you often couldn’t rely on a page loading. Today it has improved tremendously. So the decision was made to retire the feature,” Sullivan said.

There is an alternative to the button: the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. That site regularly records many web pages, so that days, months or even years later you can see what a particular site once looked like – Bright ten years ago, for example.

Sullivan hopes that the Internet Archive feature will be a shortcut to the new information overview you see now. “That would be a great resource,” Sullivan writes. “That fits very well, people can easily see how a page has changed over time.” However, he makes no promises: Sullivan may work for Google, but he does not determine what happens with the search engine – he is actually more the most enthusiastic user, and in that role he talks to the rest of the users.

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