iOS 18 opens the door wide to AI

iOS 18 opens the door wide to AI
iOS 18 opens the door wide to AI

Apple has big plans for the upcoming version of the iOS operating system. From iOS 18, the iPhone is completely on the AI ​​hype train.

After the rather modest update that was iOS 17, Apple wants to go big with iOS 18. None other than CEO Tim Cook said this during a call with investors. Earlier this week, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman had already predicted that major changes are coming to Apple’s mobile operating system. The magic word is – you guessed it – AI.

AI in your smartphone is nothing new in itself. Just think of the virtual voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri that have been around for a decade and smartphone cameras are also packed with algorithmic functions to improve the quality of your pictures. But the Android camp, spurred by Google and Samsung, has moved up a gear with the integration of AI into everyday smartphone functions. Google is putting an AI chip in the processor of its latest Pixel smartphones and Samsung is betting on the S24 devices Galaxy AI. Then Apple and iOS cannot lag behind.

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Which AI functions will actually come to iOS 18 remains a mystery. Cook was not tempted to talk his mouth off. “Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. This also applies to artificial intelligence, in which we still invest an enormous amount of time and effort. We are excited to share the details of our work in that area later this year,” Cook said in a well-prepared statement.

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Normally, Apple will unveil the new iOS version in June during WWDC. Then we know whether Cook puts his money where his mouth is or simply talks about AI because investors want to hear that acronym today. But even now iOS is facing major changes. Apple will allow sideloading in the European Union starting with iOS 17.4. It must take this measure in the context of the Digital Markets Act, although there is still much discussion about Apple’s proposed implementation.

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