Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth recap


With intheSpotlight we look ahead to the release of a new game throughout the month. This month it’s Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. But it’s also good to look back! We do this with the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth recap!

It’s only a month away and then we can get back to work with Cloud and his team. A good time to go back in time and see where part 1 has taken us. A Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth recap! Of course, this article contains material that may contain spoilers. If you haven’t played the first part yet, click away now and turn on your PlayStation or PC!

A new definition of remake

When this game came out we had already set certain expectations. After all, the original is from the PlayStation 1 era and was released in 1997. But besides better graphics, we got a lot more. New stories were added and existing stories were all slightly different from the original.

Fortunately, the PlayStation channel is helping us out. A video has been released that once again covers the entire story of Remake. Everything is covered in this 3-minute recap. The goal of Shinra, the first mission of our heroes and the characters are also briefly discussed.


What is notable about the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth recap of the story seems to be that the new DLC is not included. This one was about the story of Yuffie Kisaragi. This materia-robbing ninja will definitely return in Rebirth. So if you have the time, it might be useful to play the game’s DLC!

A short recap as a refresher is always nice. That’s why we’ll revisit characters in an article later this week and also look ahead to other elements of the game!


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