this is the new browser selection menu on your iPhone


With iOS 17.4, big changes are coming to your iPhone, giving you the choice of many more browsers. This is what the browser selection menu looks like in iOS 17.4.

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Big changes in iOS 17.4

Apple is bringing huge changes to your iPhone with iOS 17.4. After the update you can install apps that are not in the App Store, which will probably give you a choice of many more apps. In addition, new payment methods will be added, so that you will no longer be dependent on Apple Pay or the Wallet app. That’s not the only thing that changes, because iOS 17.4 also removes restrictions for browsers.

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Installing other browsers was already allowed on the iPhone, but the app was always a watered-down version of the original browser. That had to do with the policy that Apple pursued. All web browsers in the App Store had to run on WebKit. This is the same software that also runs Safari, so every web browser in iOS still behaves the same as Safari in the background. This will change with iOS 17.4.

New European legislation forces Apple to also allow other browsers that do not run on WebKit from March. With these regulations, competition from Apple should have a fairer chance, so that as a user you are no longer dependent on Safari. So there are many new browsers in iOS 17.4, where you can choose which browser you use as standard on your iPhone.

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This selection menu will automatically appear in Safari if you have iOS 17.4 installed on your iPhone. You will then receive a message asking Apple to set your new default browser. In that case, the browser you select will be used by default when you open a link in another app. Now this is usually Safari or Google Chrome, but from iOS 17.4 this can also be other browsers. You will soon have much more freedom if you prefer to use a new browser.

default browser

More features for existing browsers in iOS 17.4

Good news if you like to use an external browser, because this is finally possible from iOS 17.4. It is expected that existing browsers such as Google Chrome will also receive an update, because they no longer have to run on WebKit. It was already known that Google is working on a new version for Chrome, which will probably be released soon after the launch of iOS 17.4.

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Google’s browser will therefore have many new features in iOS 17.4 and will look slightly different. Are you curious about the new version of Chrome? Then take a look here at what Google’s browser will soon look like on your iPhone. Want to know more about all the changes Apple is making in iOS 17.4? Then read here what will change on your iPhone next month!

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