Nokia will cease to exist


With a posting on its own website, HMD announced that it would provide news about new products during MWC. Between the lines, it also reports the phasing out of the Nokia brand.

Nokia and mobile phones. That is a very strong combination, even though the Finnish manufacturer has not been the producer of devices sold under that name for years. HMD has leased the rights to the name for a period and thus kept the brand alive.

That story now comes to an end. This much is clear from HMD’s brief report. The company is preparing readers for launching devices under its own name. At the same time, it makes the necessary effort to make it clear that support for Nokia devices continues as usual. What is emphatically no longer mentioned is the launch of new Nokia devices. While all companies are doing this in view of MWC 2024, HMD remains silent on that point.

Dump stocks

The HMD online shop has a “discount price” on all Android products. So it seems that people want to get rid of the stocks as quickly as possible and then continue with a clean slate and a different logo.

This is not completely unexpected. The rights to the name were only leased for a few years. The price tag was justifiable in a growing market. However, if one market has shrunk structurally in recent years, it is the market for smartphones. Therefore, what is happening now is simply a logical and, above all, responsible business decision.

Patents and infrastructure

Of course it is a shame that the iconic brand name Nokia can no longer be linked to Android devices. At the same time, many who once owned a Nokia and care about the brand are, without knowing it, users of Nokia services almost every day. Without the Nokia patents and telecom infrastructure, the mobile communications offering and use would look very different

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