Google knows where Pixel storage problem is: offers complicated solution

Google knows where Pixel storage problem is: offers complicated solution
Google knows where Pixel storage problem is: offers complicated solution

Google has found the reason for the storage issue plaguing Pixel smartphones since the January 2024 system update. A problem arose due to that update where the internal data could no longer be reached, which resulted in apps that sometimes stopped working altogether. Now it is working on a solution.

Pixel update error

Where Google says that the update is not the issue with the Fitbit Charge 5, with regard to the January update for Pixels it indicates that it is indeed the update that has caused a problem. Apps started to crash quite quickly after the update, taking screenshots became impossible and all in all it became clear how important internal storage is on a smartphone.

Google writes that it does not yet have a solution: “This problem is more common on devices with multiple user accounts and/or work profiles. We are working on a fix for the root system update issue and will update this thread as soon as we have more details.”

Complicated solution

However, it can be solved in another way, Google indicates, namely using a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer:


  1. Enable Developer Options in Settings on your Pixel phone (Settings > About phone > Press Build 7 times
  2. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options
  3. Under Developer Options, enable ‘USB Debugging’
  4. Connect your Pixel phone to your computer via USB-C and choose ‘File Transfer’
  5. Click here to download Android’s Platform Tools folder to your computer, which contains the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) application.
  6. After extracting that folder, open the terminal.
  7. Change your working directory to the platform tools folder where you extracted those tools
  8. Type “./adb devices” (“adb devices” in Windows) and press the Enter key
  9. If the result in Terminal lists your phone as “Unauthorized” – your Pixel phone is probably asking you to allow USB debugging. Tap Allow and try this step again so that your phone appears as a “device” in Terminal.
  10. Enter the following commands in your Terminal and press the Enter key after each line:

“./adb uninstall”

“./adb removes”.

You can then disconnect your Pixel phone from your PC and restart it by pressing the power button and volume button up until it restarts.

The aftercare

Make sure you turn off USB debugging and Developer Options. And type “./adb kill-server” in your Terminal window and hit the Enter key. You can close the Terminal.

As you can see, it is a lot of hassle, so if your device is still workable, it might be better to wait for the official fix that will help your device immediately.

Are you experiencing these internal storage problems on your Pixel? Share it now in the comments.

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