Microsoft starts rolling out a clearer OneDrive


Microsoft recently started rolling out the updated design of its OneDrive cloud storage service. In addition to a new appearance, this latest version also brings functional improvements, according to the tech giant.

With the new design of OneDrive announced at the end of last year, the intention is that end users of the cloud storage service will have faster access to their files. This is possible through new options for better organization of their content. This should prevent this storage from becoming cluttered and distracting from the tasks that end users want to perform with the stored files, Microsoft indicates.


The new look and feel of OneDrive that is now being rolled out is very similar to that of Windows 11 and the changes that the tech giant is slowly making to its other Office or Microsoft 365 applications. The interface has now been simplified and modernized and also offers the option to search based on photos of acquaintances with whom files are shared.

In addition to look & feel, the consumer version of OneDrive has also received new functionality. This includes filtering the storage based on file extensions. In this case specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

It is now also possible to opt for new uploads and the creation of new files via Office/Microsoft 365 apps via the ‘Add new’ button. In the previous version this was divided into two separate buttons.

By the end of February, all end users should have migrated to the new version. According to Microsoft, OneDrive will be provided with more new options during the course of this year.

Plans for business version OneDrive

The tech giant also plans to further tackle the business version of OneDrive. Consider, for example, the integration of Copilot into the cloud storage service. At the end of last year it was announced that the Teams Files app would be replaced by OneDrive for Teams.

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