The internet understands that your personality has multiple facets

The internet understands that your personality has multiple facets
The internet understands that your personality has multiple facets

It took quite a long time, but the time has finally come: the internet seems to better understand that a person doesn’t just go in one direction. You have multiple sides of yourself and you don’t want to show them to everyone. TechGirl Laura Jenny will update you.

Instagram is launching Flipside, a way to make posts available only to a handful of people you select. The advantage of this is that you do not have to close your entire profile immediately if you do not want your manager or your ex to see certain things about you. This keeps your social media nice and social. You can give certain posts a kind of lock that can only be opened by profiles you select (these are always the same profiles, this cannot differ per post). That’s why it’s also called Flipside: your other side.

One person(ness)

It took quite a long time for the internet to understand that you are not just one basic person with one job and one interest. For example, you could only be logged in to social media with one profile for a very long time. That was quite annoying for anyone who had also created a profile for their dog, or who also had to be present on social media for work, for example. I personally had two LinkedIn profiles for a long time. One was more my management assistant-LinkedIn, the other my journalism. It always felt very schizophrenic, but those two things couldn’t really be put together.

That is no longer necessary, because I am a full-on journalist, but sometimes it is quite difficult that the internet allows you to choose just one niche. This also applies, for example, to people who create a website. You often get much fewer visitors if you create a website about anything than if you choose one topic. But yes, do you feel like always working on topic x, or are you going to create multiple websites again?

We want more

Fortunately, the internet seems to understand a little more: you just want to be logged in with multiple profiles, and you want to be able to do more with one profile. It is not without reason that WhatsApp is easier to use on multiple devices these days: you are not just on your smartphone all day long, or on Web WhatsApp: you want to be able to use WhatsApp on everything so that you do not have to take multiple devices with you just for such apps. It took a long time, but we are happy that it is here: the realization that the world is not flat, and neither are our personalities. And if there is anywhere we want to show those personalities, it is of course the internet.

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