GTA VI is ‘protected’ against possible new strikes by Hollywood actors

GTA VI is ‘protected’ against possible new strikes by Hollywood actors
GTA VI is ‘protected’ against possible new strikes by Hollywood actors

In Hollywood, many projects have been delayed due to the strike among actors/actresses affiliated with the SAG-AFTRA union. This is in the context of better employment conditions and the strike happened to end yesterday.

Although Hollywood has little to do with games in that sense, we increasingly see actors and actresses participating in games. On the one hand in providing their image for in-game purposes, on the other hand in motion capture work or voice recording. So in that sense that strike can also have an effect on games.

Now we have not noticed much of this in recent months, but a title like Grand Theft Auto contains so many characters that a (new) strike could have an effect in the long term. This is because any recording work could come to a standstill, but we don’t have to worry about that.

During the presentation of quarterly figures, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick indicated that Grand Theft Auto VI is fully protected from any problems in that area. The statements were made before the strike was over, so things are moving a bit faster than anticipated.

But even with an eye to the near future, we don’t have to worry. This suggests that Rockstar Games has already more than completed all the recording work and there is no need to record any more between now and release.

How this will affect GTA Online in the long term remains to be seen, but who knows, Rockstar Games may only launch that segment, just like GTA V, after the release of the single player. In any case, this is a favorable starting point that already counteracts possible delays in the game in that area, given that Rockstar has no trouble postponing games if necessary.

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