With these exercises you can improve your posture

With these exercises you can improve your posture
With these exercises you can improve your posture

Let’s be real: we all find ourselves curled up behind our desk like a shrimp. Or relax on the couch. Of course we know that this is not really ideal, but it is often easy and comfortable. Fortunately, there are several exercises that you can do to ensure that you stature straightens out (literally).

Posture and health

When you think about your posture, you undoubtedly immediately think about your back. After all, we quickly associate poor posture with back pain and a stooped posture – not really nice, right? But Complete Pilates explains that such a bent posture also affects your further health!

“With a bent back you change the position of your rib cage, which can put pressure on your organs. Your ribs and lungs can no longer fully expand, leading to more shallow breathing. Research has shown that poor breathing is bad for both your mental and physical well-being,” the site writes. Moreover, it can be very bad for your nervous system to constantly sit behind your screen with your neck bent.

In short: you want to prevent that. You can easily help yourself with various pilates exercises.

1. The pelvic tilt

Key Preventing problems involves maintaining the so-called ‘neutral spine’: a position in which the natural curves of your spine come into their own. This floor exercise can help with this.

2. The mermaid

Do you sit behind a desk all day? Then this exercise is perfect for strengthening your back. This specifically targets your thoracic spine, the part of your spine located in the middle of your back.

3. Stretching exercises over a ball

When pilates is already part of your regular routine exercise routine then you undoubtedly have a soft pilates ball lying around somewhere. If not, it’s a good idea to get one. The exercise below will help you properly stretch your thoracic spine. Would you like to bet that you will immediately feel relief?

4. Pilates plank

You probably saw it coming, but also one basic plank exercise works wonders for strengthening the muscles in your back. This core exercise is also indispensable for improving your posture.


All in all, it has the necessary benefits to improve your posture. Of course you don’t have to walk around straight with a book on your head, but simply ensuring that the natural posture of your spine is strengthened is very important. worth it!

This way you not only improve your posture, but also your breathing. Moreover, you prevent all kinds of aches and pains in your neck and back. You also increase your mobility, a good posture has a positive effect on your blood circulation, and you could even help your digestion with a good posture. In short: what are you waiting for?

Source: Complete Pilates | Image: NL Image

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