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Samsung is likely to release a new fitness tracker soon. Images have emerged of the unannounced Galaxy Fit 3.

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Check out the Galaxy Fit 3 images

Do you remember the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2? This fitness tracker was released in 2020, but has not received a successor so far. That may change, because images of the Galaxy Fit 3 have been leaked online. The website WindowsReport shared the renders of the device.

The design of the Samsung fitness tracker has undergone a major overhaul. The screen is a lot larger and more rectangular, giving you more image to read information on. It is unclear exactly how large the display is, but it is certain that this is a significant improvement compared to the Fit 2.

Another change has to do with the strap. With the Galaxy Fit 2 you could easily change the strap, but this does not seem possible with the Fit 3. That is why you will probably have to rely on the colors that Samsung releases. It is unclear which colors you will be able to choose from. We do see that the Fit 3 has a heart rate sensor.

Many specifications still unknown

Furthermore, little is known about Samsung’s new fitness tracker. For example, we do not know how big the battery is and how long the device will last in practice. The 2020 Fit 2 had a battery life of two to three weeks. The Fit 3 is larger and therefore has more room for the battery, but the larger screen also uses more power.

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It is obvious that you will soon find all the well-known features of a fitness tracker on the Galaxy Fit 3. This way you can easily keep track of workouts and your daily exercise, map your sleeping behavior and check notifications. It is also probably possible to control music and make mobile payments from the fitness tracker.

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