Mobile Gmail design is evolving towards chat interface

Mobile Gmail design is evolving towards chat interface
Mobile Gmail design is evolving towards chat interface

There is a new design for the Gmail app in Android. Google seems to be gradually evolving its mobile mail app into a chat system.

It now becomes even easier to answer an email via the Gmail mobile app. Not that that was that difficult. Google is currently testing a new design and it seems that the interface is moving more and more towards that of a chat. The new design was spotted by Android Police.

Time saving

Users of the Gmail app may have noticed that you can now simply “reply” an email with an emoji. Fellow Gmailers will then immediately see your response in the original email, any recipients with a different provider will receive it in a new message.

Now Google is going one step further in the evolution of its app towards more of a chat system. The company is testing a new interface with which you can immediately answer an email in one click. So a separate window no longer opens.

Instead of the three buttons (reply, reply all or forward), there is now a chat-like box at the bottom of the email. You choose one of the three options and you can immediately add an attachment. With one press of the send button, your email is sent without the need for an extra window.

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The rollout is currently still very limited. We installed the most recent update, but still had those time-consuming three buttons at the bottom of our messages in the Gmail app.

It seems that Google is thoroughly shaking up its mail system. For example, the mobile app can now translate emails into Dutch, if you want. Of course, AI should not be missing, soon you will be able to have your emails drawn up by the app itself.

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