The new smartwatch can do this

The new smartwatch can do this
The new smartwatch can do this

After years of silence in the Galaxy Fit series, a new model seems to be on its way. Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. We now see images of the new smartwatch, and we also learn details.

Galaxy Fit 3 in the picture

After the Galaxy Fit 2 from 2020, no new smartwatch has been released by Samsung in the Fit series. Other smartwatches have appeared, such as the Galaxy Watch 6, but now we can also expect a new model in the Galaxy Fit line. Images of the Galaxy Fit 3 have surfaced on the internet. The smartwatch will have a square case, a silicone strap and is expected to be announced sometime in January.

The rectangular screen of the Fit 3 has a size of 1.1 inches and is an AMOLED screen. It is not known which operating system is used, although it seems obvious that Samsung uses its own platform and does not opt ​​for Wear OS, we expect.

The bottom of the Fit 3 contains a sensor array that likely includes a heart rate sensor and possibly a temperature sensor. It is also possible that other sensors are present, such as a motion sensor or an oxygen saturation sensor.

There are a few small slits on the inside of the watch band. It is not clear what these crevices are. It is possible that they are buttons that make it easier to loosen the band. It is also possible that they have a function for the circulation of sweat and air.

Samsung has not yet announced when the Fit 3 will be released. It’s possible that the fitness tracker will be unveiled sometime in January at the company’s upcoming Galaxy S24 launch event.

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