Motorola helps you focus – ITdaily.

Motorola helps you focus – ITdaily.
Motorola helps you focus – ITdaily.

Need a digital break? Motorola is introducing an ‘Unplugged’ mode on its smartphones to disable unnecessary notifications.

With all the technological resources around us, distraction is constantly lurking around the corner. As a result, many people today find it difficult to focus on one task during both private and work time. Motorola wants to give you a helping hand with that. As of today, the smartphone manufacturer is rolling out ‘Unplugged’, a new mode where you can turn off all notifications and digital distractions for a while.

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Digital break

The feature is reminiscent of Focus Time on Windows. You set a timer for how long you don’t want to receive notifications. You also decide how far you want to go during your digital break. For example, if you still want to receive notifications from Outlook or Microsoft Teams during working hours, you can mark them as allowed apps.

Only apps that you allow will be able to send you notifications in Unplugged mode. A handy feature for those who find it difficult to secretly log in to Instagram while at work without coercive means. You can also set that you must enter a password to end the session.

Source: Motorola

Motorola will first only roll out Unplugged on its foldable Razr 40 Ultra. It will also be available on other devices in the future.

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