WhatsApp protects your IP address during calls

WhatsApp protects your IP address during calls
WhatsApp protects your IP address during calls

There is a new privacy feature for WhatsApp. Anyone who wishes can now protect his or her IP address during a call in the app.

Meta and privacy is not always a combination that generates positive news, but this time it is. There is now a new feature in WhatsApp that allows you to protect your IP address in the app while calling.

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Messages via WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, which is still one of the more attractive features of the platform. With this new feature, parent company Meta adds a new layer of privacy.

Group conversations are already routed via WhatsApp’s servers by default and this is now also the case for individual conversations. In this way, your IP address remains hidden from your conversation partner.

You must enable this feature yourself:

  • Go via the well-known three dots at the top right Institutions
  • Click Privacy On
  • Go to Advanced
  • Activate the function with the slider

WhatsApp does warn that a call made via its servers may be of inferior quality. The platform also emphasizes that no one can listen to your conversations thanks to the encryption, not even WhatsApp itself.

It is the umpteenth upgrade that Meta has recently rolled out for its popular communication app. For example, last month there was the introduction of voice messages that you can only listen to once. There were also rumors about a calendar function with which you can plan events.

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