Instagram Wrapped: Seems fun, but is dangerous

Instagram Wrapped: Seems fun, but is dangerous
Instagram Wrapped: Seems fun, but is dangerous

Spotify Wrapped has now become an annual tradition. The hype to tell everyone which artists you listen to is great every year. Whether someone really cares is another matter. Well, now Instagram Wrapped appears. This new Instagram app allows you to see who has viewed your profile the most and/or who has blocked your account.

This all seems well and good, but downloading Instagram Wrapped comes with its share of risks. This is evident from a study by Hart van Nederland. They asked expert Carlijn Bekker from SOSOCIAL for an explanation and she warns everyone about the dangers of ‘pointless’ sharing of data.

Look after

You should always be careful when sharing your data. We always say that to our elders, but now we can also say that to ourselves. Or well, Mrs. Bekker tells us. And this time you have to watch out for Instagram Wrapped.

It might be nice to know who your stalkers are on Instagram, but at what cost? Wrapped for Instagram is currently fifth in the list of the top free apps in the App Store. However, Bekker recommends not downloading the app. ‘The app was not made by Meta, the company behind Instagram. The developer of Instagram Wrapped is unknown,” says Bekker.

The app gives you an annual overview of your Instagram year, but it is not at all clear whether this data is correct. ‘It is not known what happens to your data and whether the information is correct. We know nothing about the company, and there is a high risk that something will happen to your information and data.’

So be careful and protect yourself. Is sharing your annual review really worth this risk?

Already downloaded Instagram Wrapped?

Have you already downloaded Instagram Wrapped and are you now starting to sweat all over the place? Don’t panic, stay calm and listen to Mrs. Bekker. ‘I recommend that you delete the app immediately and change your password. It is also smart to turn on two-step verification so that you are more protected. However, I don’t expect your account to be hacked immediately.’

Can’t live without Instagram Wrapped? Then Bekker has one last tip before you download the app. ‘I recommend not downloading the app at all.’ That is obvious.

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