Google Maps design for Android Auto is being overhauled


Google Maps gets another design on Android Auto. The design in particular looks a lot cleaner. The rollout has already started.

The design of Google Maps on Android Auto already received a facelift in July. With that update, the navigation app gained access to a handy sidebar. This time the focus is on a clearer design, in which you can immediately find all the necessary information.

Clear design

In particular, the button cluster at the bottom left was adjusted. In the floating bar you will now find the remaining travel time in bold text. Just below this, Maps shows the distance to be traveled and expected arrival time.

Below that again the most important buttons are combined. This way you can stop navigation with one tap and find alternative routes faster. Previously, Maps only showed three buttons in that bar. Other buttons required opening the ride settings. Depending on your screen size, this increases to four buttons, with an additional overflow menu for other options.

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In the new design, the clear separation of the sidebar has disappeared. Functionally, the bar has remained the same. Finally, the route information at the top of the screen is now shown in a green cluster. This not only looks more modern than the gray bar of yesteryear; it is also more noticeable.

Android Auto update rollout

Google has already started rolling out the updated Maps design. According to 9to5Google, the design is rolling out with Maps version 11.104.0100. In addition, you must be running the correct version of Android Auto: 10.8. That update is also now being rolled out.

Don’t see the design appear immediately? Then you just have to be patient. It’s possible that Google will enable it via a server update. It may take a few days or weeks before you can enjoy the design.

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