This game goes too far for Microsoft and Nintendo


It’s not often that a game is banned from the digital stores of both Microsoft and Nintendo worldwide. Nintendo is even known for allowing anything and everything into the eShop, but the Christmas Massacre game really goes a step too far for the platform holders. Sony, on the other hand, which is not really known for the excellent curation of games on the platform, has no objections.

Christmas Massacre is a horror game that was released for PC back in 2021. The game, which has generally positive reviews on Steam, was due to be released this month on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. The developer indicated to Eurogamer that they have been in contact with Microsoft and Nintendo to see what the possibilities are, but even censoring the game would not increase the chance of publication. PlayStation has a new console-exclusive title.

Christmas Massacre will be available from November 17 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game is already available via Steam. Curious about Christmas Massacre? Then watch the trailer below.

Christmas Massacre Coming to Playstation!

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