Lenovo and SuperHeroes integrate tablet into clothing line

Lenovo and SuperHeroes integrate tablet into clothing line
Lenovo and SuperHeroes integrate tablet into clothing line

To make this vision a reality, Lenovo and SuperHeroes asked themselves: What would happen if some of the fashion industry’s forward-thinking designers were given complete freedom to create the next evolution of fashion combined with technology? What if fashion is more than just clothes, but a new way of life? Fashion and technology have one thing in common: their continued ability to innovate and adapt to a new and changing world.

Craig Miles, Creative Director at SuperHeroes Amsterdam, explains: ‘This campaign builds on the strategy we introduced last year, positioning Lenovo tablets as the ultimate me-time tablets. While me-time has until now been mainly linked to home situations, we are now opening the doors to me-time outside the home with a combination of fashion and technology. We are extremely proud of this campaign, which adds a new dimension to me-time.’

The Lenovo Tab Wear Collection consists of three prototypes by the Amsterdam sustainable rainwear brand Maium, the futuristic couture artist Kit Wan Studios from Hong Kong and the streetwear brand Ranra from Reykjavik and London.

Each design is equipped with features that take ‘me-time’ on the road to a higher level. From a sound- and light-proof hoodie and an exoskeleton that functions as techno-armor, to an inflatable poncho that also serves as a hammock.

The prototype from Amsterdam’s Maium is put into production. Anita Palacios, co-founder and fashion designer Maium: ‘My design is inspired by the transformations in nature, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. I wanted to create a garment that feels so comfortable that you don’t want to take it off, but that also turns into something functional and fashionable. At first glance this looks like an ordinary poncho, but when it starts to inflate it is almost magical: the coat becomes a cozy cocoon. When converted into a hammock, the wearer can feel like a butterfly in a cocoon and enjoy some me-time in nature. In addition, the jacket is made from 66 recycled PET bottles, thus also contributing to a more sustainable world. All together this makes a great project, it really allowed me to think out of the box and design something crazy.’

Agency – SuperHeroes Amsterdam
Film & Photography – Mighty Fine
3D production – Max Rabe

Photo: The Maium jacket. Photo credit: Mighty Fine.

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