!@#$% about the layoffs at Bungie & new handheld Nintendo

!@#$% about the layoffs at Bungie & new handheld Nintendo
!@#$% about the layoffs at Bungie & new handheld Nintendo

There it is, pontifically on the main page of Gamekings: A new edition of the Peepshow. Just on Tuesday, as it should be. With Boris and JJ behind the desk. Ready to discuss the business side of the gaming industry with you and, where necessary, target a culprit. This edition largely revolves around the layoffs at Bungie and the consequences of this malaise for PlayStation. After all, they are the owners of the studio that became known for the Halo and Destiny series. Is it an isolated incident that has no consequences for PlayStation’s strategy or is there more to it? You can see and hear the answer to this question and a number of other topics in the Peepshow of Tuesday, October 7, 2023.

Are the layoffs at Bungie an isolated case or is there more going on?

We can already reveal that both gentlemen do not see the dismissals at Bungie (and previously at Media Molecule, for example) as an isolated incident. There seems to be more going on. And especially for the long term. Because where does PlayStation want to go? Why are they cutting back on studios responsible for their most important asset: the first party blockbuster? And what happens to the internal dynamics within the studios now that the party that has to check and approve other people’s multiplayer games appears unable to achieve its own targets?

Why was there unrest at Microsoft about Game Pass?

There are other topics too. For example, why do you rarely see waves of layoffs at Japanese studios? Is Nintendo working on a new, revolutionary handheld? And why was there suddenly unrest at Microsoft about Game Pass? All these topics will pass by you over the next half hour. Then you are completely up to date and you can let loose (but with respect) in the comments.

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