Maarten “De Blinker” and Bavo reunited: Hoegaarden evening and laughed at by Lotte Kopecky | World Cycling Championships

Maarten Vangramberen and Bavo Mortier, our reporters in Australia, just got back together when they exchange all their wild adventures. Maarten, for example, went to a Vietnamese restaurant on his Trappist evening and Bavo had to run amok to get back to Wollongong, where Maarten was laughed at by Lotte Kopecky with his new nickname.

Hoegaarden with the Vietnamese

After a short move to Sydney for the Belgian Cats, Bavo is back in Wollongong for the World Cycling Championships.

“I’m glad we’re back together,” Maarten says in their diary. “I missed you yesterday.”

“Wednesday night has been my Orval night since this season. We went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, but there was no beer there.”

Fortunately, “BYO” applies in Australia, which stands for bring your own. This means that you can bring your own drinks to the restaurant. So we rushed to the liquor store, the liquor storeto get beer.”

“They didn’t have Orval, Hoegaarden – where I live – did. They thought it was super cool that I lived in Hoegaarden. So it was a nice evening.”

Press conference Van Aert and co almost missed

While Maarten enjoyed every moment in Wollongong, Bavo had to hurry to get back from Sydney in time: “I had to walk from the stadium where the Cats played to the bus, then catch my train by bus and finally come here on foot.”

“I only had 4 minutes to spare between my bus and train. But the bus driver took quite his time, due to politeness. He even complained when they were not respected, while I was really in a hurry and kept looking at my watch.”

“In the end I walked out of my body to be in time for the press conference of Lotte Kopecky, Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel.”

Being laughed at by Kopecky

In that press conference Maarten suffered a small trauma: “I was laughed at by Lotte Kopecky thanks to you, Bavo.”

“This week you posted a picture showing me powdering my face. The face painters make me do that because the minute I get on TV shiny they’ll be angry and so I always do it dutifully.”

“You have of course made something of it again and Kopecky saw that, because before she was interviewed by Renaat Schotte she said: “I shine just a little, Maarten, don’t you have anything against that?”

Bavo cheerfully added: “So the riders and the viewers now know you as Maarten “De Blinker”.” Maarten immediately refuted his new nickname: “Just call me “Grabeer” when I ride my bike.”

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