“He is doing well again”

“He is doing well again”
“He is doing well again”

Club Brugge also regularly missed the ball with regard to transfers in recent years. CEO Vincent Mannaert sees a ‘flop purchase’ coming to the surface again. He stated that in the podcast Mid Mid.

“We paid a lot of money for Sowah. After 2 months we still scratched our heads because it didn’t work out. We rented it out to AZ and it didn’t work there either. Then we thought we would get rid of him at a loss. But Carl Hoefkens said he wanted to go for it again and Sowah is doing very well now, “said Mannaert. Sowah gets opportunities, but will probably leave the squad for Roman Yaremchuk soon after he has completely rubbed off. The ex-player van OHL plays more, but the stats are thin with 1 goal and 2 assists in 12 games.


Mannaert realizes that Club Brugge also completed a lot of transfers that were therefore not successful. He admits that nicely. “You also have guys like Krmencik, Rezaei and Okereke who didn’t deliver what we expected. Then it is important that you can absorb such transfers with other purchases. Our last summer mercato was not great, but then you also have to make sure that the next one is bang on. For example, you have a Sylla who was recruited for 200,000 euros and who is looking forward to a great career. Players like Odoi, Skov Olsen and Adamyan were also huge windfalls.”

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