Standard wins for the first time in 15 years on the field of STVV and jumps into the top 8 over Anderlecht

Standard visited STVV today. Both teams had already collected ten points this season and wanted to highlight their play-off ambitions in this game.

Standard today looking for a first victory in 15(!) years on the field of STVV. Both teams tied for eighth with Anderlecht with an equal number of points, ten to be precise. So it promised not to be an easy job for the ruffles. STVV was able to gain confidence from the draw in the derby on the field of Genk. The match started very closed. STVV put very high pressure on the visitors from Liège from the start, who barely got to play football. For a long time we seemed to be heading for a very boring match that would eventually end in a spectacle score, but nothing turned out to be less true. In the end we had to wait 25 minutes for a first chance in this match, but Schmidt kept the canaries straight.

Standard benefits from defensive sloppiness

Barely a minute later it was the prize for Standard. The ruffles went well, so that Stan Van Dessel lost the ball and Amallah was able to pass the ball to Drăguș. The Romanian calmly pushed the ball past Schmidt and put the men from Liège ahead. STVV did not have any opportunities due to Standard’s alert defense. Standard managed to double its lead before the break. Again a defensive blunder was at the basis of the goal of the ruffles. Leistner gave the ball too easily to another well pushing Standard. The ball went in front of the goal and Leistner deviated the ball out of reach of Schmidt. The halftime score was immediately 0-2.

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Stan Van Dessel, who had butter on his head after the first goal against, stayed in the dressing room with Shinji Kagawa and Daichi Hayashi. Their three replacements, Koita, Bruno and Boya, had to fight STVV back into the game in the second half. The canaries came out with good intentions, but Standard played in a seat thanks to the double lead. Defensively, they were watching closely and so the ruffles calmly wait and counter. At the hour STVV got a penalty kick out of nowhere after Bokadi’s hands. Brüls remained calm and converted the eleven meter. This is how Stayen revived and the canaries fully back in the game.

At Standard they felt the home team coming more and more. They decorated some good opportunities, but they didn’t come up with really big chances. At Standard they continued to counter. Good teamwork between newcomers Darida & Zinckernagel almost results in the third goal in Liège. Darida cleverly passed Schmidt, but his shot hit the post. The resumption of Zinckernagel, the hired wing attacker from Olympiakos, flew far over the cage of STVV. The home side still had some opportunities of their own, which were mainly created by the patron in midfield, Christian Brüls. A second goal because of the canaries However, there was no more and so Standard wins a match at Stayen for the first time in 15 years.

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