Broken American Dream, evolving MLS and Belgian comeback: Hernan Losada candid in Extra Time | Extra Time

Broken American Dream, evolving MLS and Belgian comeback: Hernan Losada candid in Extra Time | Extra Time
Broken American Dream, evolving MLS and Belgian comeback: Hernan Losada candid in Extra Time | Extra Time

Back in Belgium. Hernan Losada spoke about his American adventure on our football talk show Extra Time. In the USA he found a competition in development, but mainly fell victim to it himself. The former trainer of Beerschot is now scouring the Belgian football stands. With a purpose, it turns out.

“These seats are more stable than those of a dugout.”

Hernan Losada spoke in Extra Time’s studio yesterday about his shattered American Dream. “Now my resignation has been processed, but it did hurt, especially because I did not see it coming,” said the Argentinian.

The former coach of Beerschot was brought to DC United to ensure a culture change. Professionalism inold habits out. “They had had the same coach for the last 10 years. The club wanted something new: someone young with European experience.”

The conversion initially seemed to work well. But DC United adopted a wrong European custom: the coach carousel.

“The first year went pretty well. We almost reached the play-offs with the core that finished penultimate the year before. But this year I was kicked out after 4 lost matches.”

Losada was taken through the big gate to DC United.

The MLS: Entertainment in the making

Football in America – unlike many European countries – is not the country’s biggest sport. On the contrary. The MLS is only 25 years old. A competition in its infancy?

“I wouldn’t say there is a lack of professionalism, but there are a lot of cultural differences. They eat and live completely differently.”

“Now they are finally starting to invest in young talents. They used to attract players who were almost retired. You can feel that the competition is growing.”

You feel the competition is growing

Hernan Losada in Extra Time

Kaka, Higuain, Villa, Lampard, Thierry Henry, Beckham, Rooney… Names that draw people to the stadium. entertainment. It is and remains an important driver in the American sports business, also in the football competition.

“A lot of money is still spent on offensive players. Less on defenders. That ensures that those good attackers then come out against less good defensive opponents. That creates spectacle and open matches. Few teams also park the bus there.”

Analyst Peter Vandenbempt also sees the American DNA returning there. “Maybe the supporters don’t accept that defensive style either. The public may want to be spoiled.”

Back to the “roots”?

Belgian comeback?

Hernan Losada had a dream start two seasons ago with PhD student Beerschot in the Jupiler Pro League. The trainer has been spotted several times in various Belgian stadiums in recent weeks. But he remained vague about a possible bis number in Belgium.

For example, the rumor spread through the Belgian football landscape that Losada herself had applied for a job at Kortrijk. But he denied that at the table with Aster Nzeyimana. “My broker has offered me. But I myself have never had a meeting with the club.”

Still, there is healthy Jupiler Pro League interest with the Argentinian. “I am following the competition very closely, especially the last 7 teams. I am simply looking for an employer. If an opportunity arises, I want to be ready.”

“I prepare files about different clubs. I want to know which players are there, but also to be ready to say ‘no’.”

Football talk show in which Aster Nzeyimana and Filip Joos keep their finger on the pulse of current football with the help of high-profile guests. Hernan Losada is the central guest. Peter Vandenbempt and Gert Verheyen are the analysts.

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